Bot for creating private voice channels
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License: GPL v2 Crowdin Discord

Simple, easy to set up, yet reliable.
A specially designed bot for creating private voice channels on your Discord servers.
Installation instructions are listed below. Please, make sure you have installed dependencies before opening issue here.

Since version 1.5 only slash commands are supported. If you'd like to use old-fashioned commands and commands prefix feature – consider installing 1.4 version which is the last one compatible with those.

Installation (Short)

  1. git clone
  2. cd YusarinBot
  3. pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. nano config.json
  5. python

Installation (Detailed)

  1. Download and install Python 3 (3.6+ should be fine)
  2. Download bot's release:
  3. Unpack your archive to folder. Name it YusarinBot for example
  4. Change working directory using cd YusarinBot or cd FolderYouHaveCreated
  5. Run pip install -r requirements.txt to install dependencies
  6. Create new Discord application at
  7. You can rename it however you want, set needed descriptions etc
  8. Go to "Bot" tab and enable application as bot
  9. Copy token of your bot
  10. Open file config.json with your favorite text editor and paste your token as value of "bot_token" key
  11. Copy your own Discord ID and paste it as value of "owner" key (How to get ID:
  12. Bot is ready! Run it using python

Config explanation

Default configuration file is available here

  • "debug" - Option that enables more detailed log messages [Boolean]
  • "owner" - Discord ID of user who will be able to execute admin commands ($shutdown for example) [Integer]
  • "bot_name" - Name of your bot. Is not used anywhere yet [String]
  • "bot_token" - Token of your Discord bot [String]
  • "bot_prefix" - Default prefix for all bot commands [String]
  • "bot_locale" - Default language file of bot. Name of file in locale folder without extension is used [String]
  • "bot_activity" - The name (string) of the song bot will be listening to [String]
  • "color_default" - HTML color used in help messages embed [String]
  • "color_ok" - HTML color used on command success embed [String]
  • "color_warn" - HTML color used in all warning embeds [String]
  • "color_error" - HTML color used on command error embed [String]
  • "enable_nomic" - Option that allows you to create additional text channel for "nomic" purposes [Boolean]
  • "bot_site" - http or https link that will be used in help message header [String]
  • "bot_icon" - http or https link that will be used in help message header's icon [String]
  • "check_for_updates" - Option that defines whether bot should check for a new version available [Boolean]
  • "auto_clear_trash" - Option that defines whether bot should clean all buggy inactive channels every "auto_clear_timer" seconds [Boolean]
  • "auto_clear_timer" - Option that defines how often "auto_clear_trash" will do its job [Integer]


  1. Bot doesn't have any self updaters yet
  2. You can add public version of the bot to your Discord server using this link: