2023-08-10 13:23:00 +02:00

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Small Pyrogram bot for emoji captchas. Extremely useful for groups using "People Nearby" feature or communities.



  1. Install all dependencies
  2. Clone this repository using git clone https://git.end-play.xyz/profitroll/EmojiCaptchaBot.git
  3. Go to bot's folder (cd EmojiCaptchaBot) and create venv: python3 -m venv .venv or virtualenv .venv
  4. Activate venv with source .venv/bin/activate (on Linux) or .\.venv\Scripts\activate.ps1 (on Windows)
  5. Install all bot's dependencies using pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  6. Set up the bot by copying example to config.json (using cp config_example.json config.json) and editing it with text editor (Notepad, nano, vim, etc.)
  7. Now you can start the bot using python3 main.py